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BowlMarc Robotics

40 years experience in the bowling industry. We know the business and how our bots can help.

Pat Ciniello, BowlMarc CEO and award winning leader in the bowling and FEC business world, is excited to announce his latest venture, BowlMarc robotics! These high tech “staffers” do not replace humans but enhance the customer experience by handling tasks like rental shoe and food delivery. The reception to these ‘bots has been overwhelmingly positive by both our staff and guests. See what all the excitement is about!


Permium Delivery Robot

The latest delivery robot designed by Pudu, BellaBot inherits the outstanding characteristics of the previous generation, while focusing on superior human-robot interactions. Featuring an innovative modern design language, cute designs, multi-modal interface and many other new functions, BellaBot provides users with an unprecedented food delivery robot experience.


Delivery & Reception Robot with an Ad Display

KettyBot is a next-gen advertising robot designed to operate in any customer service environment. It features a compact design and spatial awareness, making it perfect for busy or crowded environments. The 8-hour battery life ensures that your KettyBot will operate throughout your service day without issues. An 18.5″ ad display is featured on the front of the machine to not only catch your customer’s eye but also sell directly to them throughout your building.


A Bussing Robot That Features Pager and Notifications

HolaBot is a bussing robot which innovatively applies smart automations to allow for quick paging and large carrying capabilities. Equipped with intelligent dispatching, high carrying capacity,pagering function and voice control module, HolaBot is aiming to boost the turnaround efficiency in restaurants and raise your profit with every trip.


A Delivery Robot that has a human first design.

SwiftBot is a delivery robot that features a laser display system and sensors designed to focus on human first interactions. This robot will step aside and focus on giving your customers priority while keep food secure with its automated door system. Keep your customers food safe and secure while ensuring that your guests have a top-class experience.


All-In-One Smart Cleaning Robot

CC1 was designed as an all-inclusive cleaning solution for your buisness. Featuring automatic mop drainage/refilling along with capacity alerting. You can focus on your buisness while the robot handles the rest. Take control of cleaning and keep a tight schedule with the dashboard where you can control cleaning times and operation. Allow your staff to focus on what matters, the guests!

BowlMarc Robotics

Making bowling smart.


Intuitive user interface makes destination selection simple.


Wide array of sensors helps her plan out the most direct route.


High functional capacity allows your staff to get back to the guests.